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Welcome to the age of insights.

Data has always been the answer.

Today's smartphones are more powerful than the supercomputers of the 1990s. These powerful & connected smartphones are everywhere today. Yet, the biggest enabler of success for large organisations - analytics & insights - remain within the domain of the privileged few.

Every business generates data but only the large organisations know how to harness its power to make better business decisions.

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Who we are.

The Small Data Store (TsDS) is a social saas company

building a data cooperative

for the unorganised retail sector of India

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Our Mission

To harness the power of technology and data science to deliver small data (insights) at scale; thus bringing unorganised retail players onto an intelligent and connected ecosystem

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Our Approach


Create a connected retail network or ecosystem which focuses on digitising all activity & transactions conducted in the real world, by all stakeholders that transact within this network. Basically, a digital representation of the real world.



A structured and defined representation on a digital platform enabling robust measurement → which in-turn enables the generation of actionable insights → in-turn force multiplying use-cases generated via aggregation. 


A co-operative model enabling every stakeholder across the supply chain to generate opportunities and partake of the value generated.

Basically, making your data work for you. Like we said, data has always been the answer.

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